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Playful melodies that bounce with a certain swagger that is addictive and funky allowing our sense of decency to go out the door around the 1st minute..
Wolf in a Suit

Exactly what you needed to get your groove back, to get back out there, to showcase your dance moves (no matter if they are practically nonexistent).
Wolf in a Suit

SoCal native Zach Alwin is creating his own brand of witty, party-ready jams and earnest, soulful love songs.

This beautiful love song speaks about the love for someone who is unique, different and not always there but in the end love is love and when you hold that person the world disappears in an instant and it’s all worth it.
Wolf in a Suit

Zach Alwin’s track “Burnin’ Up” should be everyone’s not-so-guilty pleasure. While it may be the definition of pop on the surface, the lyrics are clever and enticing.
Milk Crater

“this beauty of a song from Zach Alwin”
Conversations About Her

“Burnin’ Up” boosts some 70s funk bass lines and synths grooves, over soulful vocals with an overall cool dance vibe contrasting perfectly with the hot lyrics.

Zach Alwin who teams up with VENTS for the premiere of his single “Burnin Up” off his self-titled EP and that brings back the cool 70s disco vibe to modern times.
Vents Magazine

Long Beach denizen Zach Alwin returns by leaking a new single “We Could Be Free.” Produced by Gene Shiveley, the track is a solid groove of funk-pop complete with bursts of sax, R&B accents, and a blatant feel-good vibe.
Free Bike Valet

A brother that sure knows hot to hit us with his feel good funk pop groove.  He will get you going with his sexy horns and pinches of R&B.
The Dutch Guy


Zach Alwin is a Long Beach-based Funk/Pop singer, songwriter, producer and band leader.  He’s an artist that mixes deep confessions from the bottom of his heart with a cartoonish sense of humor and a brand of retro party music.  His songwriting style says the most with the least while his band gets people to the dance floor: profound heart wrenching thoughts stated with beautiful simplicity over booty-shaking funk beats.  Zach’s solo-project started in 2013 when he locked himself in his bedroom and emerged two months later with 50 songs and a voice of his own.  The project has since grown with the help of producer Gene Shiveley (Rolling Stones, P!nk) and his seven-piece band Duck Funk.  Zach draws from classic R&B and funk influences in his music but his inspirations are more personal, “My greatest musical influence is honestly my dad.  He showed me how alive music can truly make you feel.  I just want to share that with people.”

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